3 form — скачать                                         

1. A house has 4 rooms.

2. A flat has 2 rooms.

3. A room has 3 windows and 1 door.

4. A room has a ceiling, a floor, and 4 walls.

5. I have a bed and a wardrobe in my room.

6. You can see a sofa and 2 armchairs.

7. It is a big bookcase.

8. We have brown desks in the classroom.

House Words Quiz 1 — скачать

House Words Quiz 1

  1. Where do you find a toaster and a kettle?
  2. Where do you find pillows, blankets, and an alarm clock?
  3. Where do you find shampoo, soap, and a shower?
  4. Where do you find a T.V., a sofa and a coffee table?
  5. Where do you find coat hangers and clean clothes?
  6. Where do you find bicycles, the car and various odds and ends?
  7. Where do you find spades, a hose, bulbs and gardening gloves?
  8. Where do you find a cot, nappies or diapers, and a romper suit?
  9. Where do you find a washing machine, soap powder and dirty socks?
  10. Where do you find lavatory paper, air freshener and a seat cover?

table — скачать

table, desk, bed, sofa, chair, armchair, bookcase, wardrobe, TV, lamp, clock, telephone, vase, computer.

At School

At Home

There is are — скачать

1. There are two floors in the house.

2. There is one room in the flat.

3. There are three windows and one door in the room.

4. There is a ceiling and a floor in the room.

5. I have a sofa and two arm-chairs in my room.

6. We have desks, chairs, a bookcase in the classroom.

7. You can see a bed and a wardrobe in my room.

8. The vase is on the shelf.

Translate the sentences — скачать

Translate the sentences:

1. There is a TV-set at the wall.

2. There are two armchairs in front of the sofa.

3. Tom’s sofa is comfortable.

4. Tom does not like to have a rest on his sofa.

5. There are many interesting books in Tom’s bookcase.

6. There is a wardrobe to the left of the TV-set.

7. Tom lives in a flat on the fifth floor.

8. There is a carpet on the floor.

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