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Test „My House”

1. There are 2 rooms in the…

a) window                           c) house

b) floor                                d) corridor

2. You can see many books in the…

a) wardrobe                         c) kitchen

b) bookcase                         d) chair

3. There is a nice carpet on the…

a) floor                                c) window

b) ceiling                             d) door

4. There are 2 big windows in the…

a) table                                c) armchair

b) sofa                                 d) room

5. You can see a lot of flower-pots on the…

a) window-sill                     c) wall

b) ceiling                             d) computer

6. In the evening we go to sleep to the…

a) desk                                 c) picture

b) mirror                              d) bed

7. The telephone is on the…

a) shelf                                 c) chair

b) carpet                               d) vase

8. A very comfortable sofa is in the…

a) kitchen                             c) living-room

c) balcony                            d) corridor

9. A family lives in a flat on the second…

a) ceiling                              c) window

b) floor                                 d) door

10. There are 5 chairs around the…

a) bookcase                          c) table

b) armchair                          d) sofa

11. On the walls you can see many…

a) beds                                  c) cupboards

b) pictures                            d) tables

12. A very good lamp is on my…

a) desk                                  c) carpet

b) sofa                                  d) picture

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