Food — скачать                      


  1. A lemon or an unripe apple tastes ___
  2. After eating a lot or when something can’t have more put in it, we say ___
  3. What word means not having enough water, liquid, or moisture?
  4. This word is most often heard when talking of wealth. When a cake or sauce contains a lot of dairy products such as butter, cream or eggs we say it is ___
  5. When a person wants a drink they are ___
  6. What word is used favourably about cakes and bread and is the opposite of dry?
  7. The real meaning of this word is to die or suffer from hunger, but we use it colloquially to describe being hungry. This word is ___
  8. A word used when talking about fruit or meat that means it is juicy and tastes good is ___
  9. Something that taste like unsweetened cocoa or beer is said to be ___
  10. The opposite of sour and means that something tastes of sugar or honey is ___

Food and Food — скачать

Food and Food-Related Words

  1. Lemons taste ___.
    a. salty
    b. sour
    c. bitter
    d. crunchy
    e. bland
  2. Potato chips are not ___.
    a. crisp
    b. salty
    c. crunchy
    d. juicy
    e. junk food
  3. Smooth foods don’t include ___.
    a. crackers
    b. ice cream
    c. pudding
    d. whipped cream
    e. avocado
  4. In a restaurant, we normally eat an appetizer ___.
    a. after the entree
    b. just before dessert
    c. first
    d. last
    e. only if we are not very hungry
  5. If something is filling it is ___.
    a. the stuff inside a pie
    b. something that you eat, but you are still hungry
    c. delicious
    d. something that you eat and you feel full after eating it
    e. both a and d
  6. Finger food ___.
    a. makes your fingernails grow longer
    b. is only in eaten in countries where they don’t have silverware
    c. is slang for a bad gesture
    d. is food you can politely eat with your hands
    e. is the name of a really tasty candy bar
  7. Light food is the opposite of ___.
    a. heavy food
    b. rich food
    c. bland food
    d. junk food
    e. health food
  8. If something is tasty, you ___.
    a. don’t really enjoy eating it
    b. think it tastes good
    c. hate eating it
    d. only eat it for breakfast
    e. think it is unappetizing
  9. Spicy food includes ___.
    a. milk
    b. lemons
    c. chili peppers
    d. bananas
    e. hamburgers

10. If milk is sour it is ___.
a. delicious
b. too old
c. too fresh
d. from a goat
e. from a coconut

11. A beverage is ___.

a. Beverley’s birthday
b. something red
c. an alcoholic drink
d. any drink
e. normally crunchy

12. All of these are bitter except ___.
a. black coffee
b. strong tea without sugar or milk
c. unsweetened baking chocolate
d. pizza
e. a and c

13. Appetizing means ___.
a. you would like to eat it
b. the first course at a restaurant
c. yucky
d. tangy
e. finger food

14. Sweet foods don’t include ___.
a. cake
b. pickles
c. ice cream
d. candy
e. strawberries

15. Rich food is always ___.
a. salty
b. crunchy
c. dessert
d. fattening
e. expensive

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