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1. I am a (boy / girl).                                                                                         Task "Appearance"

2. I am (young / old).

3. I am (tall / low).

4. My hair is (fair / dark).

5. My eyes are (brown / green / grey / blue).

6.  My cheeks are (rosy / pale).

7.  My lips are (rosy / green).

8.  I am a (pupil / people).

9.  I take my (bed / bag) to school.

10.  At school I have (lessons / listens).


     I have a (good / bad) body. I have two (hands / heads). I have two (legs / necks). My head is on my (knee / neck). My face is (oval / round). My eyes are (big / small). My ears are (big / small). My lips are (thin / thick). My cheeks are (pink / green). My nose is (long / short). I have a (thin / thick) neck. My hair is (fair/ dark). My teeth are (black / white). My forehead is (long / short).

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