Степени сравнения имен                  прилагательных. Тест

1. Honesty is … policy.

a) the best

b) better

c) more better

2. … men declare war. Bit it is the youth that fight and die.

a) Oldest

b) Older

c) Elder

3. Of two evils choose the …

a) less

b) little

c) least

4. What’s the … news of today?

a) later

b) latest

c) last

5. If you require … information or assistance, ask at your local station.

a) further

b) farther

c) furthest

6. Actions speak … than words.

a) more louder

b) the loudest

c) louder

7. Hotels are becoming … nowadays.

a) more expensive

b) the most expensive

c) expensiver

8. The damage to the car could be …, than we expected.

a) bad

b) worse

c) the worst

9. That was … case in his practice.

a) the least difficult

b) the less difficult

c) the less difficulter

10. The sea is … unknown part of our world.

a) the most large

b) the largest

c) the most largest

Ответы: a b c b a c a b a b

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