«Degrees of Comparison»        

1. The dog started to run. It ran ….. and soon disappeared in the distance.

a) faster and faster

b) the faster and the faster

c) the fastest

2. This is ….. story in this book. I liked it best of all.

a) more interesting

b) the most interesting

c) not so interesting

3. «This is ….. place to cross the street in,» the policeman warned us.

a) more dangerous

b) the most dangerous

c) so dangerous

4. Peter, you are ….. than I thought you to be.

a) even lazier

b) as lazy as

c) more lazier

5. Are you any good at tennis? I am ….. tennis player in the world.

a) the worst

b) worse

c) bad

6. I want you to read ….. passage of the text.

a) the next

b) the nearest

c) next

7. Her illness was ….. than we at first had thought.

a) the most serious

b) not as serious

c) far more serious

8. Susan is better-looking than Ada; however, Liz is ….. one.

a) the best-looking

b) better-looking

c) good-looking

9. Paul is very smart; in fact he is ….. boy among his classmates.

a) more intelligent

b) the most intelligent

c) as intelligent

10. Ben doesn’t work very hard; Bill works ….. .

a) the hardest

b) more harder

c) harder

11. Let’s not go by train. Going by bus is ….. .

a) cheap

b) the most cheap

c) a lot cheaper

12. Some students are ….. about their homework as others.

a) more serious

b) not serious

c) not as serious

13. This building is very high. Actually it’s ….. building in the town.

a) more higher

b) the highest

c) higher

14. This dress is ….. expensive than that one.

a) a bit less

b) the least

c) not so

15. Can you tell me the shortest way to ….. bookstore?

a) the nest

b) the nearest

c) the nearer

Answers: 1. a) 2. b) 3. b) 4. a) 5. a) 6. a) 7. c) 8. a) 9. b) 10. c) 11. c) 12. c) 13. b) 14. a) 15. b)

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adminАвгуст 28, 2012 в 11:00 дп

Волнуюсь ))

adminАвгуст 28, 2012 в 11:00 дп

Взяла себе тоже-пригодится

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